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Captain Corky's Words of Advice

You're never too old to get into water sports. Remember, life is about having fun and being safe - but there are some times you just have to let loose and enjoy the world. With Carlisle Watercraft you can get it all. The information you need to find the places to go, the mini speed boat that you can tow with the smallest car - and park in your garage. Plus, you can enjoy the added benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

Carlisle Watercraft - The Lifestyle of Water Sports

Ventura County based Carlisle Watercraft offers our clients the best options for Water sports in California.

It doesn't stop there. Carlisle Watercraft also offers education, community, lifestyle guides, information about areas for Water sports and is an all-in-one stop for shopping for Watercraft merchandise, mini speed boats, boat accessories and more.

We're located centrally in California and service dealerships as a Wahoo Powerboat Distributor.

Check out the lakes from California to The Grand Canyon! Ride your Mini Speed Boat at some of these beautiful locations *READ MORE*

Enjoy the beauty of California Lakes and Recreational Water Areas.

See our list of really cool coastal areas to run your Carlisle Watercraft, mini speed boats or water fun toys.

Find some serious fun from harbors like Laughlin to Havasu or Ventura Harbors - Our Wahoo Mini Speed Boats are designed for fun Watersports

Water Sports and Healthy Lifestyle Regardless of Age


We offer some of the most exciting accessories for your water sports. If you're looking for extra gear, check in here for our specials, deals and sales on boat accessories, water ski accessories and more.

Watercraft special click here

Dealer Special click here

Clothing Specials


If you're a watercraft dealer that sells jet skis, motor boats or more, contact us. We are a direct distributor for Wahoo Power Boats Mini Speed Boat line and we're here to help your dealership get started.

Community Links

Are you involved in jetskis, speed boats, motor boats and water sports? If so, check our list of communities that are involved with water sports. We focus on Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Oxnard, Ojai, San Diego, Northern California, Southern California - to Arizona and New Mexico. We are the Northwest Mini Speed Boat Distributor for Wahoo Mini Speed Boats and we want our customers to have a great time!
Experience the thrill of driving your own speedboat without all the hassles of a large sized boat and at a portion of the cost.

A mini speed boat is a smaller sized boat, packed full of power and fun. You can tow them with the smallest vehicles and have up to 3 passengers in them to ski, boat around lakes, rivers and waterways. And wait, there is more: You can park the mini speed boat directly in your garage instead of having to rent a boat slip or having to find a storage area.

Save yourself time, money and enjoy the waterways. Drive your mini speed boat anywhere you can drive your car.

From the youngest to the oldest speed boat drivers, there is no age range for owning a mini speed boat. Some of our customers are in their 70's - and we believe they are the ones who enjoy our Wahoo Mini Speed Boats the best!

If you're a dealer for watercraft, give us a call. We have access to many exciting water crafts, water sports merchandise and much more. INSERT TAG INFORMATION FOR DISTRIBUTORSHIP INSERT INFORMATION ON BOATS
Get involved in the communities that are known for watersports.

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